United we stand, divided we fall

As events really begin to hot up regarding air quality in Bath the Camden Residents Association is beginning to align itself with other bodies who: are suggesting the same sort of direction for Bath and its air quality and congestion problems as we are, and already have an influence on the main decision making authorities. … Continue reading United we stand, divided we fall


Wera’s Bath Transport Briefing – 1

NigelP and I went to this event on Friday 23rd February.  'The aims were, firstly, to discover and provide data which would show us the need for transport now and in the future; and hence inform Bath’s Transport Policy for the next 30 to 40 years. Secondly, it was to learn about the pollution we … Continue reading Wera’s Bath Transport Briefing – 1

Understanding Air Quality

It's been a slightly chastening week for me this week as I being to discover that my understanding of what detracts from air quality, ie pollutants, is not as good as I thought it was.  So in an effort to improve this I've been doing some self teaching and listening to others.  If you are … Continue reading Understanding Air Quality