A chance to meet your MP

FoBRA MP’s Meeting – 12th Feb 18

WeraHobhouseThe CRA was fortunate enough to welcome Wera Hobhouse at our AGM in November last year.  Here is another opportunity provided by the Federation of Bath Residents Associations.  The CRA is one of 29 residents associations in Bath.

A special, extra meeting of the FoBRA Committee will be held on Monday 12th Feb at 6.30pm in the hall of Widcombe Junior School, to which our MP, Mrs Wera Hobhouse, has been invited.  The Chairman will ask her to address us about her role and current issues, after which the floor will be opened to questions.  Because of its importance, members of all Associations belonging to FoBRA are welcome and encouraged to attend.

There is no charge, but there is an upper limit to the hall’s capacity. To book a place, please email the Secretary, fobrasecretary@gmail.com, with your name, any question which you might wish to ask Mrs Hobhouse, and the Association of which you are a member. Tickets are not issued, but there will be an email acknowledgement.


Local activism can work

Changes to parking in zone 15 on Camden Road and Gay’s Hill

CRA thumbs upThis is a big win for those aligned to our local councillor Richard Samuel’s thinking last Autumn.  He tipped us off about this extremely complicated Traffic Regulation Order (TRO 17-014 North East Outer Area, Bath) which had three items that affected us.  He objected officially on our behalf and leafleted us all asking us to send our objections through as well.  Many of us did this and collectively this seemed to do the trick. In essence, our collective efforts:

  • averted the loss of residents parking bays at the NE end of Camden Road.  This is a relief to those of us who already struggle to get a space in zone 15 after 7pm in the evening.
  • stopped a motor cycle bay being built close to the junction of St Stephen’s Road on Camden Road which looked like an ‘accident waiting to happen’.  Far safer to leave your bike on St Stephen’s Road.
  • supported the loss of one parking bay on Gay’s Hill which makes turning left from Belgrave Crescent a bit safer.

Evening parking difficulties

RPZ15 sign

While we’re on the subject can anyone tell me why parking is unrestricted after 7pm.  This is when parking is most needed for tired people returning home and we often can’t get a space?

Our revised report is ready to be published

We made this available on our main website in time for the AGM on 23rd November last year.  We received some useful feedback and have now got to a finalised  version which will be presented to the Council Cabinet on 7th February.

It’s a bit of tome, but full of new insights and is as evidenced-based as we could possibly make it.  The main outcomes are that:

  1. The Camden area is a rat run at peak times used by people coming from the South, East and North trying to avoid the main arterial roads which get completely snarled up
  2. The congestion causes major air quality issues: NOx and particulates, and is really bad on the London Road but also Camden Road
  3. Any holistic plan to tackle these issues has got to take into account local hotspots such as ours.

To read the finalised version of the report click CRA Paper 10 – final.compressed