Ward Boundary Changes

The proposed changes, due to be enacted soon are causing a bit of stir and were discussed at the CRA committee last night and previously in January.  I've tried to get my head round this for the CRA and added a bit of interpretation.  It's here. One of our councillors is objecting and I'm simply passing … Continue reading Ward Boundary Changes


Notice of road works in London Road and Cleveland Place 19/2 – 30/4

This is a copy and paste of an email sent to Richard Samuel... Dear Councillors From next Monday, 19 February, a series of road works begin in London Road and Cleveland Place. The first works are for gas services and then there are various B&NES works until the end of April. The works are not … Continue reading Notice of road works in London Road and Cleveland Place 19/2 – 30/4

Thinking differently about travel…

Here's a link from Bath Newseum.  Wera Hobhouse will be there for this facilitated session. The event is free. ‘Booking is essential , says Joanna, as numbers of places are limited. Please RSVP* if you would like to attend.’  Please send your details to Joanna Wright at jojowright@postmaster.co.uk or to transitionlarkhall@gmail.com. Jeremy


Well I’ve had a go…..

  I think we need a more holistic solution, rather than all these little initiatives which have to weave an impossible path through lots of different interest groups.   via Pay more to park - unless you're a resident.    


Our report goes to Cabinet on 7th February

I shall be away so Nigel Sherwen will represent us on the 7th.  He will get 3 minutes to address the meeting and our views will be particularly directed at the Councillor Mark Shelford - Cabinet member for Transport and Environment, who has kindly agreed to accept a hard copy of our report in advance … Continue reading Our report goes to Cabinet on 7th February


Calling all users of Margaret’s Hill

Not a great photo, as the proposed change affects drivers descending the hill.  It's quite a difficult manoeuvre turning left onto London Road but very useful if turning right onto Cleveland Bridge. The proposal will ban the left turn for safety reasons.  The obvious alternative is to turn right and do a 'u-ie' at the … Continue reading Calling all users of Margaret’s Hill


A chance to meet your MP

FoBRA MP’s Meeting - 12th Feb 18 The CRA was fortunate enough to welcome Wera Hobhouse at our AGM in November last year.  Here is another opportunity provided by the Federation of Bath Residents Associations.  The CRA is one of 29 residents associations in Bath. A special, extra meeting of the FoBRA Committee will be … Continue reading A chance to meet your MP